Vocal & Piano  

 Vocal & Piano  

Steffi’s work week typically includes the coaching of other singers and pianists, and she regards this service as one of the most rewarding activities of her music career.

Her studio, KeepSafe Music, occupies a portion of the historic Cogswell House, located at 1100 E Park Ave, in the beautiful city of Tallahassee, Florida.

A typical coaching session begins with relaxation and warm-up, followed by technique and song interpretation shaped by the genre of music on which the student wishes to focus. Steffi has developed many interesting and clever methods for achieving particular sounds and styles, and for overcoming various technical challenges.

Many of her students are fellow singer/pianists who desire to improve their accompanying skills without compromising vocal delivery or performance. She encourages students to listen repeatedly to recordings of their favorite artists, making note of the various nuances that contribute to an artist’s particular sound.

Steffi welcomes her students into a charming, comfortable, and non-competitive environment where creativity and growth are nurtured. Prospective students may apply by contacting KeepSafe Music either by telephone at (850) 264-0033, or e-mail at

Styles taught include:

  • Popular

  • R&B and Blues

  • Country and Folk

  • Jazz Standards, including Scat Singing

  • Gospel and Spirituals

  • Chanting in English and Greek

Lessons Offered                                          Hours                                          Rate                     

Voice                                                                        40 minutes                                             $35                                                                                                    

                                                                                  75 minutes                                             $50

Piano                                                                        40 minutes                                             $35                                                                   

                                                                                  75 minutes                                             $50

Music Theory                                                          40 minutes                                             $35

                                                                                   75 minutes                                             $50

Music Therapy                                                              TBD                                                    TBD

Accompanist Service                                                   TBD                                                    TBD

Jingle Writing/ Recording                                            TBD                                                    TBD